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I founded in 2008 to fill a void in the women's streetwear space.  At the time there was nothing that spoke from a women's point of view to this growing culture and phenomenon (athleisure).    Lipstick became a critically acclaimed global site that provided a culture rich, lifestyle-driven destination for women interested in contemporary art, fashion and design culture.

We operated on a global newsroom and blogger model with 20 global writers contributing content daily.

Contributing photographers and artists: Alex Prager, Marilyn Minter, Andrea Land, Danielle Levitt, Emily Shur, Shane McCauley, Justine Cooper,Jason Schmidt, Angela Boatwright, Melanie Pullen, Catherine Opie, Juliana Sohn, Amy Guip, Cara Bloch, Mike Piscitelli, Curtis Buchanan, Mickalene Thomas, Anna Gaskell, Wouter Vandenbrink, Jesse Carmody, Takuya Uchiyama, Rip Zinger  

Contributing editors and writers:  Nanako Enya, Brett Anderson, Barbara Kramer, Sara Rosen, Karen Kimmel, Laura Stein, Angelique Groh, Tiffany Godoy, Joy Yoon.  

Creative Editorial Director and Founder:  Reggie Casagrande . Digital Agency: Ordinary Kids.  Developer:  NYA Media /Nathan Arnold.  Graphic Designer: Anne Gillespie.  Photo Editor: Jesse Carmody  Marketing Manager: Ashley Kucich