Adidas Influencer marketing

Part of our strategy to build womens involved connecting and activating influencers.   We knew that influencers were a 'reason to buy' .    We started working with brand ambassadors, fashion early adopters and media bloggers.   For our blogger initiative, we invited globally relevant bloggers to headquarters to interpret adidas, meet designers, model and style our FW15 collection. The iniative went on for over 18 months, as the bloggers activated real time content, SS15 content and then FW15 content a year later.  We continue to work with the bloggers as they have grown in popularity and reach.   The initiative hit our KPI’s of brand perception, nps and advocacy and was extremely successful and cost effective.    Strategically this initiative added a best practice to marketing activations and went on to inform working with influencers as content creators in both the digital and retail space.